Who We Are?

A group of 4 progressive & dynamic engineers who dreamed to create an impact on energy sector which will be more reliable, sustainable & emission less energy for the country and for the world. NetZero Energy & Technology Ltd. is one of the well Equipped and Technologically Advanced Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) service provider Company in Energy Sector of Bangladesh. We have successfully completed several Renewable Energy based Projects in Bangladesh, such as MW Scale Rooftop Solar Projects, KW Scale Telecom Based Solar Projects, Solar Street Light Projects, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy Projects, Heavy Duty Rack (HDR), Telecom Tower Constructions, Solar Mounting Structure Supply etc. With Different Clients, like Group of Companies, Multinational Companies, Govt. organizations etc. NetZero is an Engineering & Technology based organization, and all owners & employees are from engineering backgrounds with immense expertise. NetZero Energy & Technology Ltd. always believes in commitment, innovation & sustainability.

Our Mission:

Always dedicated & focused to give our 100% effort to develop a sustainable, value for money solutions for our clients. We are always in search to adopt innovative, state- of-the-art technologies and management skills to gain long term trust of customers.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted, preferred, equipped and technologically advanced renewable energy solution provider for industrial and commercial clean energy.

Why to Chose US?

The Precise Design

NETZERO has the finest design team with huge Experience of designing grid-tied solar power plant in almost all the regions of the country.

World Class Equipment

NETZERO believes in maximizing customers’ profit and thus uses world leading equipment in its solar power plants to get maximum yield.

Solar Panel

We use Jinko, Longi, JA, Trina Solar Panel, ranked as the 1st most used tier-1 solar panel of the world and the most preferred PV panel of the country. The latest PERC technology enabled mono-crystalline solar panel can optimize the energy yield through its excellent low-light performance and lower temperature coefficient feature. The IP 67 junction box prevents any electrical hazards due to air and water.


We use world’s number one solar power inverter Huawei, SMA, Sun Grow, GroWatt, EVVO,JFY, Grand Glow etc. This inverters can yield maximum solar energy through optimized DC-AC ratio (up to 150% of declared capacity) and 10 MPPT input points comparing to other available inverter. The IP 66 equipment can protect the device performance from air and water pressure and can be installed in an open place. It has the highest tolerance against grid fluctuation and over voltage and highly integrated with MIS software.

Charge Controller

NETZERO use world’s best solar charge controllers Outback, Victron.

Combiner Boxes

NETZERO designs and produces DC and AC combiner boxes with customization considering each project environment. Our in-house design team focuses on quality, long life and higher yield on designing the combiner boxes.

Remote Monitoring and Controlling Tool

We believe in empowering our customers on understating the solar power plant system and optimize the use of solar electricity. Our unique remote monitoring and control system enables our customer on –
# Monitoring the energy yield down to string level
## Monitoring the meteorological data of the plant size
### Taking corrective actions to increase yield by controlling variables

Fuel Save Controller

NETZERO uses its unique Fuel Save Controller that ensures optimized energy utilization using ENCOMBI (Denmark) hardware. Fuel Save Controller is a smart device that analyses fuel information from different sources and thus maximize use of the lowest cost solar energy. It also optimizes use of fuel of the generators if there is any.


We use fully imported customized anodized aluminium from (Antai,BSL,GR) solar panel structure to fix the panels in the roof for highest lifetime and strongest bond to avoid tilting of the panels in natural calamity.

Fastest & Quality Implementation

As the local partner of PV modules and Inverter, NETZERO constantly maintains a huge quantity of equipment in its own warehouse. In addition, our team of project engineers is experienced on working in every part of the country. While our competitors were busy with simple solar solutions like solar home system, NETZERO was fully focused on designing and implementing complex large plants. The proven ability of the team on doing country’s one of the largest rooftop 2800 KWp capacity complex power plant, and many complex hybrid solar power plant enables our team on implementing projects in the fastest possible time with the expected quality.